American Golden Nut Story

Family owned and operated, American Golden Nuts was established in 1987 as a reliable wholesale source of fresh, high quality nuts and dried fruits. In order to meet customer demand for healthy and delicious snacks, American Golden Nuts began packaging a wide range of nuts and dried fruits. Initially servicing only a handful of stores in Los Angeles, American Golden Nuts now sells products domestically and internationally to hundreds of grocery stores and food distributors.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide variety of fresh, high quality products at the most competitive prices. We source our primary products directly from local farmers to ensure quality and freshness. A majority of products are roasted and prepared on a weekly basis, and each order is custom made to exceed our customers' needs. Today, American Golden Nuts is a reputable one-stop shop for a large variety of nuts, dried fruits, mixes, seeds, candies and specialty products.

With three decades of experience and a continued goal to provide affordable fresh, delicious, and high quality products, American Golden Nuts is the ultimate source for dried fruits and nuts.